Parents stumped by children’s tech questions offered help

Image captionAlmost two-thirds of parents admitted giving incorrect answers to children’s science questions Questions on science and technology from children stump most parents, research suggests. Some 83% of 1,000 parents polled said they had been unable to answer science, maths and engineering questions. But, in an online session run by Mumsnet and the Institution of Read More

Oxford University publishes sample interview questions

Image copyrightThinkstockImage captionInterview questions are not designed to catch candidates out, says the university Place a 30cm ruler on top of one finger from each hand. What happens when you bring your fingers together? Can archaeology prove or disprove the Bible? Two tricky questions of the sort asked at interviews for Oxford University places,which are Read More

South Korean scholars boycott state-issued textbook project

Professors from more than 20 South Korean universities said they would not contribute to the textbooks. SEOUL: Hundreds of South Korean scholars have declared they are boycotting the writing of state-issued history textbooks out of concern that that they will teach distorted views on the country’s recent past. Conservative President Park Geun-hye’s government plans to Read More